Born in Washington D.C., Delvon Jones is a certified Concrete Form Builder, Lawn Care Technician, Entrepreneur, and Father of three. Jones was first introduced to the lawnmower by his uncle in the Northeast and Southeast quadrants of Washington, D.C. 


Ever since that moment Jones has been inspired to turn perilous environments into an alluring dwelling. Jones attended Central State University after High School for two years before dropping out to take care of an ill family member. Jones quickly gained success in the Construction Industry before jumping out on faith to start his own business.  


The first year of jumping out on faith wasn’t an easy task for Jones, he was presented with many challenges that included industry education and financial security. The next year he found success within the Residential Market due to the influx of private developers for commercial properties.

This adaptation has doubled clientele by a rapid pace over a short period of time.  


           “Fear Can Either, Stop You or Be Your Launching Pad” 


     A key component to 4 Seasons Concepts is Jone’s community-based employment program “Circle Hil”. While Jones is not the first to produce a community-based employment program- he has been one of the most intentional and consistent in his field. In 2018 alone, Jones employed twenty-day laborers from the 37th (Stoddart) community with hopes of doubling that for 2019.


As well as demonstrating ambition within different forms of agricultural Delvon Jones also has retained an interest in social issues. In 2018 Jones began to invest in Tax Lien properties to teach the community about “Financial Freedom”, particularly in the Northeast and Southeast community, to participate in financial literacy.  Delvon “Fresh” Jones continues to produce and remains a constant figure in Washington, D.C. 


 Da' Quan is a community leader, residential lawn care specialist. Da'Quan has fought relentlessly over the past two years to uplift and empower men, and children impacted by poverty.


At a very young age, Da'Quan enjoyed playing all sports. After graduating from Virginia Union he fell in love with Lawn and Garden.


Da'Quan serves as a Landscape Technician for 4 Seasons Concepts which exists to empower next-generation leaders and their families in Washington DC, focusing in on disadvantaged neighborhoods.


     Since his days as a youth in Washington, D.C. Mark has been a social justice activist and community organizer. He is a board member of Circle Hill, a non-profit organization devoted to educating youth about second chances and responsibilities.


    Mark has dedicated the last decade of his life serving the underserved in the District of Columbia. He has primarily worked with the at-risk youth and ex-offender populations from a workforce development perspective. 


Mark has transformed the connotations of his neighborhood by helping to change the lives of the under-served and at-risk population. 

“For my legacy, I want to leave a mark"

  “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

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